I provide individual psychotherapy for adolescents and adults.

Phone contact: First, we will likely speak on the phone to discuss your needs and my practice, and see if we have matching times available to set up an initial consultation.

Intake: We will meet for about 3-4 sessions for me to get a clearer sense of you, your needs and goals, and your background.  The intake period also gives you an opportunity to get a better sense of me, my style, and what it would be like to work with me on an ongoing basis.  At the end of the intake period, I will give you my initial impressions and feedback, how I think I can help you specifically, and answer any further questions you may have about me and my work.  If it doesn't seem or feel like a good enough match for either of us, I will be happy to refer you to someone in the area who may be a better match.  It it does seem like a good match, we will arrange ongoing psychotherapy.

Referral:  During or after the consultation, if we decide that we won't be working together, I should be able to, based on the intake period, find a therapist who could be a better match for you.  We may decide to refer you elsewhere if you don't feel comfortable with me, if you need more specialized help, or if we decide a different therapeutic style would be a better fit for you. 

Ongoing individual Psychotherapy: If we decide to work together, we will typically start by meeting once or twice a week, for 50 minute sessions.  We can eventually meet less frequently, based on your preferences and needs, and if it works schedule-wise.  We will periodically check in with our treatment progress to see if any thing needs to be addressed or changed, including switching focus or goals, my style, session frequency, the ending of treatment, or taking a break.  

Medication: Because I am not a psychiatrist, I do not prescribe medication.  However, if we decide that a medication consultation would be potentially helpful, I will refer you to some local psychiatrists that I recommend.